Learning more about the SNOBOL4 language.

The accepted manual for the SNOBOL4 language is titled The SNOBOL4 Programming Language, Second Edition, by R. E. Griswold, J. F. Poage and I. P. Polonsky, published by Prentice-Hall 1971. If you are planning to do any serious SNOBOL4 programming, you definitely need this manual. It not only is a reference manual, but also has many enlightening examples and explanations.

Another book you might find useful for learning more about SNOBOL4 is String and List Processing in SNOBOL4, Techniques and Applications, also by Griswold, Prentice-Hall 1975. Unfortunately, this book is out of print, but copies can be obtained from the University of Arizona Computer Science department while they last.

For those who decide they like SNOBOL4, the following book will be one of your all time favorites: Algorithms in SNOBOL4 by James F. Gimpel, John Wiley & Sons 1976. This book contains all of those nice tools and programs you always wanted but didn't have time to code yourself. If this book is currently not in print, it is available through Xerox University Microfilms in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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