Pictures at a Competition

(The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs 2000)

I weeded out the pictures I took during the week in Fort Worth leaving about 300 so that they would fit on one CD. Below are thumbnails of these. They are organized by date and time. The name of the image starts with the letter "c" followed by a two digit day of the month (June 2000), followed by two digits of hour and two for minutes. When more than one picture was taken in the same minute, there is an additional letter after this. Anyway, you can use this to locate pictures by the time of the event or performance.

There are a disproportionate number with myself in them.. hey it's my camera! I tried to get at least one shot of each semi-finalist and finalist performing and taking a bow. Since I didn't use a flash for these, they are sometimes blurred because of motion. Sorry. I got a lot of other random candid shots, so please forgive me if you were in an awkward pose.

I have set up this web site so that you can click on the thumb nail pictures and receive a larger resolution version (usually between 100K and 200K bytes in size). The full resolution pictures are sometimes around 2 megabytes in size and perhaps only twice as sharp, so I didn't put those on my web site. I would not have space for all of them anyway. If you print them on a good photo printer, they will come out almost as good as film pictures. To get good prints, use glossy paper and a printer such as the HP 932C or other one in the 900 series or Epson Photo Stylus 700 or 750. Other printers may be suitable as well, but I only have experience with the ones I mentioned.

If you want the highest resolution version of any of the pictures, I can email it to you if you ask for it. Send email requests to Viktors Berstis
If there is enough interest, I may package these pictures together with articles and notes about the event as a CD. To this end, if you want to give me captions to put on any pictures, please send them. Thanks!

Here is a general list of event times that may help sort out these pictures:

row1 col1 c041814.jpg row1 col2 c041814a.jpg row1 col3 c041814b.jpg row1 col4 c041815.jpg row1 col5 c041815a.jpg row1 col6 c041815b.jpg row2 col1 c041815c.jpg row2 col2 c041815d.jpg row2 col3 c041826.jpg row2 col4 c041905.jpg row2 col5 c041906.jpg row2 col6 c041906a.jpg row3 col1 c041906d.jpg row3 col2 c041933.jpg row3 col3 c041933a.jpg row3 col4 c041936.jpg row3 col5 c041946a.jpg row3 col6 c041946b.jpg row4 col1 c041949.jpg row4 col2 c041951.jpg row4 col3 c041952.jpg row4 col4 c041953.jpg row4 col5 c061425.jpg row4 col6 c061429.jpg row5 col1 c061640.jpg row5 col2 c061653.jpg row5 col3 c061712.jpg row5 col4 c061724.jpg row5 col5 c061725.jpg row5 col6 c061726.jpg row1 col1 c061726a.jpg row1 col2 c061739.jpg row1 col3 c061751.jpg row1 col4 c061854.jpg row1 col5 c062059a.jpg row1 col6 c062059b.jpg row2 col1 c062107.jpg row2 col2 c062107a.jpg row2 col3 c062236.jpg row2 col4 c062245.jpg row2 col5 c062246.jpg row2 col6 c062252.jpg row3 col1 c062252a.jpg row3 col2 c062253.jpg row3 col3 c062319.jpg row3 col4 c062329.jpg row3 col5 c062330.jpg row3 col6 c062331.jpg row4 col1 c062331a.jpg row4 col2 c062331b.jpg row4 col3 c062335.jpg row4 col4 c062336.jpg row4 col5 c062336a.jpg row4 col6 c062337.jpg row5 col1 c071052.jpg row5 col2 c071054.jpg row5 col3 c071054a.jpg row5 col4 c071057.jpg row5 col5 c071058.jpg row5 col6 c071134.jpg row1 col1 c071141.jpg row1 col2 c071143b.jpg row1 col3 c071304.jpg row1 col4 c071305.jpg row1 col5 c071306.jpg row1 col6 c071307.jpg row2 col1 c071310.jpg row2 col2 c071327.jpg row2 col3 c071843a.jpg row2 col4 c071843b.jpg row2 col5 c071846.jpg row2 col6 c072014.jpg row3 col1 c072015.jpg row3 col2 c072036.jpg row3 col3 c072036a.jpg row3 col4 c072036b.jpg row3 col5 c072227.jpg row3 col6 c072228.jpg row4 col1 c072237.jpg row4 col2 c072243a.jpg row4 col3 c072248.jpg row4 col4 c072251.jpg row4 col5 c072253.jpg row4 col6 c072254.jpg row5 col1 c072300.jpg row5 col2 c072318.jpg row5 col3 c072332.jpg row5 col4 c072340.jpg row5 col5 c072341.jpg row5 col6 c072350.jpg row1 col1 c080018a.jpg row1 col2 c080018b.jpg row1 col3 c080029.jpg row1 col4 c080946.jpg row1 col5 c081104.jpg row1 col6 c081105.jpg row2 col1 c081125.jpg row2 col2 c081347.jpg row2 col3 c081348.jpg row2 col4 c081348a.jpg row2 col5 c081502.jpg row2 col6 c081503.jpg row3 col1 c081503a.jpg row3 col2 c081548.jpg row3 col3 c081956.jpg row3 col4 c082232.jpg row3 col5 c091305.jpg row3 col6 c091305a.jpg row4 col1 c091500.jpg row4 col2 c091500a.jpg row4 col3 c091520.jpg row4 col4 c091521.jpg row4 col5 c091601.jpg row4 col6 c091601a.jpg row5 col1 c091622.jpg row5 col2 c091626.jpg row5 col3 c091627.jpg row5 col4 c091649.jpg row5 col5 c091652.jpg row5 col6 c091653.jpg row1 col1 c091713.jpg row1 col2 c091713a.jpg row1 col3 c091713b.jpg row1 col4 c091716.jpg row1 col5 c091733.jpg row1 col6 c091737.jpg row2 col1 c091754a.jpg row2 col2 c091756.jpg row2 col3 c091824.jpg row2 col4 c091941.jpg row2 col5 c092002.jpg row2 col6 c092005.jpg row3 col1 c092006.jpg row3 col2 c092026a.jpg row3 col3 c092027.jpg row3 col4 c092028.jpg row3 col5 c092049.jpg row3 col6 c092049a.jpg row4 col1 c092053.jpg row4 col2 c092054.jpg row4 col3 c092113.jpg row4 col4 c092129a.jpg row4 col5 c092138.jpg row4 col6 c092139.jpg row5 col1 c092201a.jpg row5 col2 c092204.jpg row5 col3 c092204a.jpg row5 col4 c092225.jpg row5 col5 c092228a.jpg row5 col6 c092250.jpg row1 col1 c092254.jpg row1 col2 c092313.jpg row1 col3 c092317.jpg row1 col4 c092318.jpg row1 col5 c092358.jpg row1 col6 c092429b.jpg row2 col1 c092430.jpg row2 col2 c100010.jpg row2 col3 c100025.jpg row2 col4 c100025a.jpg row2 col5 c100028.jpg row2 col6 c100028a.jpg row3 col1 c100030.jpg row3 col2 c100031.jpg row3 col3 c100031a.jpg row3 col4 c100032.jpg row3 col5 c100032a.jpg row3 col6 c100032b.jpg row4 col1 c100032c.jpg row4 col2 c100032d.jpg row4 col3 c100033a.jpg row4 col4 c100036.jpg row4 col5 c100036a.jpg row4 col6 c100046.jpg row5 col1 c101320.jpg row5 col2 c101321.jpg row5 col3 c101321a.jpg row5 col4 c101444.jpg row5 col5 c101451a.jpg 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